QIAGEN Bioinformatics

QIAGEN offers industry-leading applications for the analysis, interpretation, and reporting of biological data. Understanding raw data is one of the most significant challenges in modern molecular methods. Data must be examined within the context of complex biological processes, and rapidly increasing throughput makes analyses time and labor intensive. QIAGEN’s portfolio of powerful tools addresses this bottleneck with innovative applications based on cutting-edge bioinformatics. Our CLC bio, Ingenuity, and BIOBASE product lines combine powerful analytics and visualizations with the largest curated repository of biological and clinical findings. QIAGEN Bioinformatics delivers answers quickly and accurately, leading to faster time to insight. QIAGEN’s portfolio of bioinformatics tools enables:

  • Analysis, comparison, and visualization of NGS data
  • User-friendly customization of comprehensive bioinformatics solutions
  • Hypotheses about novel mechanisms of action underlying patterns in data
  • Interpretation of upstream/downstream effects of gene expression changes
  • Enterprise-level handling and curating of NGS data for clinical and biological applications

As the innovative market and technology leader, QIAGEN is committed to enabling our customers to achieve outstanding success and breakthroughs in life sciences, applied testing, pharma, and molecular diagnostics. Our portfolio of bioinformatics tools mirrors this commitment and the quality and ease-of-use that customers have come to expect from QIAGEN.